A Musing: Buoyancy

Waves envelope my body,

covering and uncovering my legs,

just as the clouds mask and unveil the sun.

Water dances with my toes,

and blankets my stomach,

all the while exposing my chest.


With ears submerged under water,

I hear crackling, nothing else,

fish vacuuming particles off of the rocks,

muting sounds of people laughing,

children crying,

chairs being dragged across the beach.


It’s just me,

buoyant in a turquoise sea,

left to my own device.

Finding solace in my thoughts,

my breath,

and the feeling of being engulfed.

Effortlessly calm, refreshingly docile.


The sea carries my weight:

physical, and emotional.


I am here.

I am present.

I am.

Seven Mile Beach





2 thoughts on “A Musing: Buoyancy

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