Does triple the meat equal triple the love?

Depending on how carnivorous you are, triple the meat may in fact denote triple the love.

That’s what White Spot is hoping as they celebrate their 85th Anniversary in a big, edible, finger–licking way. Part of their celebratory campaign includes a “secret menu” specific to Triple O’s , on which their Triple Triple Burger shines. This burger has three quarter pound patties stacked on top of each other with processed cheese gluing them together. Throw a little bit of iceberg lettuce, a slice or two of tomato, and a dollop of their famous Triple O sauce with ketchup and you’re got yourself a hefty meal. And don’t forget the fries and pop, which are just slightly bigger than the burger itself…

Triple Triple Burger

Triple O's #SecretMenu

As a carnivorous individual, I was turned on (but also still slightly put off) by the idea of chowing down on such an artery clogging burger. But then I thought to myself, If I can eat a 1/2 pound homemade burger with cheese, half a smokie, and a slice of bacon on it, then certainly I can manage this. And next thing I knew, I was sitting in the Kitsilano Triple O’s (a restaurant that I had never been in to), and was at the counter ordering the Triple Triple Burger combo…with a diet Coke.  I was THAT girl. The look on the employee’s face as I ordered it was enough to make most people reconsider their decision, especially after being asked if that was actually what I wanted, and being reminded that it was a big burger. Fortunately, I had my boyfriend there to share this beast of a burger, and I determined that half of it was comparable to a normal sized burger. It was enough to prevent me from feeling disgustingly sick, while still getting a good taste.

So what did I think?

It’s fast food, lest us not forget, so that overwhelming taste of fake cheese, the greasy patty, and the mass amount of condiments are to be expected. Knowing that, I actually sort of enjoyed the half that I ate, but would’ve preferred a little more vegetables to go with my protein and cheese.  The perfect burger for a hangover? If you can stomach it.

Let it also be known that I would choose the Triple O sauce over mayonnaise any day.

Triple O's #SecretMenu

At $9.99 for a combo with a regular sized soda and fries, it’s a decent bang for your buck.

Want to try it yourself?

It’s designed especially for the loyal Triple O’s fans out there, so now that you’re “in the know”, just mention the #secretmenu Triple Triple Burger and they’ll hook you up. And hey, let me know what you think!


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