Pet Peeve: From One Cyclist to Another

It always blows my mind to see cyclists riding alongside vehicles, yet not knowing how to properly signal.

Weren’t you taught that during your road test to get your license? Assuming you have your license…

While pointing in the direction that you are going somewhat indicates your next move, it isn’t proper. Unless you are riding on the left side of the road rather than the right, you should NEVER be signalling with your right hand. Please, for your own safety, keep it near your brake. A car will probably cut you off, so you better be ready.

Cycling Signals

Photo Credit: Tommy Lew [Flickr]

Check out Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation handy one-pager for a refresher on how to hand signal when driving or cycling. It applies there. It also applies here. And in Portland. And in China. And in Spain….I could go on. Check out this map to see which countries drive on the left side, and which countries drive on the right side.

I have many more, but I’d love to know: what are your pet peeves?


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