Black + Blue celebrates Spring with a rooftop patio

Year round Black + Blue offers three floors of swanky decor and upscale ambiance in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

This is the first spring that they are able to introduce a fourth floor to the restaurant – their elegant, rooftop patio simply coined “The Roof”. With electric fireplaces roaring, libations flowing and Chef Labahn‘s spring creations flying from the kitchen, media, friends, family and regulars celebrated the launch in style.

Rooftop Patio Opening

Kitchen staff prepared steak bites and a massive prime roast to highlight their excellence in meat preparation. Yorkshire pudding was offered to act as a “bowl” for the thinly sliced, medium rare meat and gravy. Other bites included delicious salmon rolls, spicy crab rice cakes, their infamous mac ‘n’ cheese balls, heavenly bacon-wrapped scallops and flatbreads, as well as freshly shucked oysters and chilled prawns. Desserts included meringue, apple galette, a heavenly sweet and runny creme brûlée and, my favourite, the bite-size butter cake.

Guests mingled over a glass of Tinhorn Creek‘s Merlot or Gewürztraminer, Summerhill Cipes Brut, Mojitos, hearty Caesars or a stiff Mint Julep. Not to mention the ice sculpture used to chill the generous glassfuls of Absolut Elyx.

Emad Yacoub and Shannon Bosa, owners of the Glowbal Group collection of restaurants flitted around the room with smiles from ear to ear, and made a quick toast to thank everyone for their continuous support.

Emad Yacoub

A combination of live music and a DJ kept the party going well in to the night, alongside a copious amount of libations, that surely made Wednesday’s work day a tad slower for many.

Here’s hoping for a long summer for diners to take full advantage of Black + Blue’s fabulous rooftop patio. And even if it rains, they’ve got you covered, literally, with an adjustable electronic ceiling.

For more information and to check out their 2013 spring menu click here.

For more photos check out my Black + Blue Rooftop Patio set on Flickr. 


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