[Photos] Vancouver Alternative Fashion Show – DEFIANCE

The Vancouver Alternative Fashion team was on a mission to provide a cultural alternative to the traditional fashion experience, while promoting the creativity of unrecognized artists, musicians and designers. In a weekend they achieved just that through three themed nights, over a dozen local designers and some very talented musicians.

The umbrella theme chosen for the weekend was Apocalypse because of its potent imagery and inspirational concepts. It started off with Decadence on Friday but I attended on Saturday night, for Defiance (the destruction that leads to renewal and social change) and Sunday night, for Delight, (the rebirth that follows, the sprout that grows in the once spoiled land, the hope of the new).

With a (free) Jaw Drop Cooler in one hand, a tasty cupcake from Geek Sweets in the other, and an open mind, I was ready to add some alternative to my life.

Below are images from Saturday’s show. For more high-resolution images check out my VALT set on Flickr.

Stay tuned for my post with images from Sunday night or just check out my “Delightful” Flickr gallery.



One thought on “[Photos] Vancouver Alternative Fashion Show – DEFIANCE

  1. These are so cool! a lot of the disturbia clothing line (one of my faves) has stuff like this, but to be honest these are even better!

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