Beer and Boobs at Beerlesque II

I love craft beer, love to be entertained and love to socialize. Knowing that, why wouldn’t I be at Beerlesque II? The price maybe, but when you considered what you were getting it was well worth the $55. Luckily for me, I won tickets courtesy of Urban Diner and VCBW by entering a contest stating which three breweries at the event were my favorite. I’m sure you’d love to know what they are…but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Try them all!

Beerlesque II - Bucket of beer

Arriving at the Roundhouse Community Centre twenty minutes after the 6:00PM start I was surprised to see there was a decent sized line up waiting to get in. I was equally surprised when I got in to see that there was a very small turnout.

Where could everyone be?

Within the next hour this quickly changed, partially due to latecomers and partially because I was oblivious to the fact that there were shows running all night long in the theatre. It ended up being a packed house with people definitely drinking more beer than the dozen tickets they were given.

Beerlesque II guests

Breweries there that night included Tofino, Elysian, Lighthouse, Steamworks, Storm, Alameda, Parallel 49, Anderson Valley, Russell, Driftwood, Central City, and Howe Sound. I’ve tasted most of the beers that were being poured that night but was happy to see a few breweries, namely Alameda (Oregon) and Anderson Valley (California), that I had never had before.

I was also happy to discover that Lighthouse had a new beer, the Tasman Ale, as well as a lovely serving staff. So lovely in fact that I decided that I needed a photo with them. 

As I chatted with the Steamwork’s staff I learned that their Seasonal Raspberry Ale is now 7% rather than 9%. Interesting, but useless to me as they weren’t pouring it. They were however pouring their Pumpkin Ale, which I found to have less of a pumpkin essence than it did last year and therefore was a pretty average beer.


Storm Brewing showcased some incredible beers including their Basil IPA, in which the basil was strong both in nose and flavour, and the Whisky Vanilla Bean Infused Scottish Ale which was to no surprise a crowd pleaser. This is a must try beer.

Storm Brewery

Elysian’s Split Shot was dark, rich and smooth, how I tend to like my beers, but the after taste was a bit bitter for me.

Elysian Brewing

Hours upon hours were spent drinking copious amounts of craft beer, meeting new people (yes, there are friendly people in Vancouver)  and watching tasseled titties swirl on stage. I even managed to find time to eat a messy pulled pork sandwich from Peckinpah Food Cart and pose at the GothicBC Photobooth with a sweet tricycle, even if it was after Michael Barrick was done photographing.

James Healey & Kelly Marion posing at GothicBC Photobooth

Many of Vancouver’s finest burlesque dancers were there that night including Burgundy Brixx, Melody Mangler, Nicky Ninedoors, Jenny Magenta, Rebel Valentine, and Diamond Minx. They entertained the crowd in a multitude of ways such as a very entertaining Janis Joplin routine, a sultry singing/dancing act and a futuristic-esque performance.

Nicky NinedoorsBeerlesque II

The ladies were vivacious and talented and kept the rowdy crowd hooting and hollering all night long. Emcee Ken Lawson (below with Ruby Roxx) did a wonderful job of making sure everyone was engaged.

“All the beer you can drink, beautiful girls and a shit load of stuff. Could you ask for anything more?”

Ruby Roxx and MC Ken Lawson

For photos from the event check out my Beerlesque II set on Flickr.


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