Can we pretend Father’s Day is this weekend?

So you may be wondering why I haven’t done a Father’s Day post yet and finally the time has come. With my life at the peak of busyness with the Dragon Boat Festival (I’m a Team Lead Media Coordinator), Car Free Day (I’m on the board for web/communications) and the 12hr Relay for Life for cancer all happening on the same weekend as Father’s Day, I just barely had time to give him a phone call even though I was up for 40 hours straight. That said, I’ve been thinking about what I would do for him for weeks. Since he’s in Victoria and I’m in Vancouver that ruled out a nice breakfast or dinner with a hike or a bike ride and seemed to leave only material things to be bought and mailed over to him. I vetoed that option and had to find an alternative gift even if that meant it may be late.

So here it is! For Father’s Day this year I wanted to reminisce a little and create a video of our Euro-cycling trip from 2010. Since we were gone for six weeks this one is focused on Amsterdam, stage one of our trip.

Kelly and Papa Marion | Europe 2010 | Stage one Amsterdam

I love you dad, hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day, I wish I could’ve been there with you but I know that Whitney and Kris treated you right. I can’t wait for another bike trip! Hold on…why are we waiting?? 😉

Your Irish Princess
Kelly Jean


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