I Love My Mom

Mother’s Day 2012

I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this year because she was in Victoria and I was in Vancouver. Still, I decided to celebrate the special day  and I made my morning smoothie in to a message for her.

I Love You Smoothie

She loved it of course! But what she hasn’t seen is the project that I did for her and for all moms…and those who maybe one day will be moms. Hint: it involves roses. Check tomorrow’s post for more details.

Back to the point, I love my mom. Here are some reasons why:

She’ll buy nice wine when I visit, but rarely will drink it when I’m not there.
She drinks beer.
She gets emotional when we fight.
She always cooks me dinner when I visit and makes sure her fridge is “equipped” for me.
She leaves me fresh coffee.
She loves lemon drops.
She’ll go watch strippers with the guys.
She loves me even when I’m a brat (often).
She texts (probably more than me) and knows how to put a smile on my face…rub my ego lol. Examples below.

“….You deserve good karma baby”

Because I’m a Karma Yogi that cleans a yoga studio but doesn’t do the free yoga.

“You’re such a principled girl, hope the weather holds up for you!”

When I told her I was spending the stinking hot day inside helping a friend at EPIC because I gave her my word.

“Hey baby girl, just wanna tell you how much I enjoyed your company on our little get away! Love you lots xoxoxo”

After a weekend trip to Seattle.

“Fantasm Alley eh? Hmmmm what goes on there? lol”

When auto-correct chose not to put Fan Tan Alley (in Victoria).

“Who do you think you are? A Flintstone! Get brakes or get em fixed silly…How much can they cost? Ur life is worth more.”

When I told her I’ve been riding my bike without rear brakes.

Just a few reasons I love my mom. This doesn’t do justice at how lovely she really is. I hope you get to meet her one day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love your guts. I miss your face. 😉



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