WTF is NFA? (excerpt)

Long table, communal, or social dining, is a trend that has become more prevalent in the Vancouver food scene. This culinary experience has already impacted many cities across the U.S. and Canada, including Montreal and Los Angeles, and is wildly popular in New Zealand, as well as other areas across Europe. Now Vancouver has slowly been drawn to the unique dining experience, and realizing the potential greatness of the mix and mingling that is presented when dining in an open concept.

Trio of Scallops

Trio of Scallops

Although this unique dining out opportunity sounds intriguing, wouldn’t it be nice to escape the busy restaurant scene, and enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal while experiencing the comforts of feeling at home? To also perhaps, toss the stress of choosing one item from a menu to the side, in exchange for being served a variety of small plates chosen personally by the chef. And imagine the ability to bring a bottle of wine you enjoy to a restaurant yourself, rather then pay three times as much to purchase a bottle of restaurant wine? With NFA (No Fixed Address) all of this is possible, and well, basically the point of their social dining experience.

Read the full piece on Vancouver Observer….


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